The history of the Mary Poppins Bag started 1964 when a special English Nanny took care of some children and their parents. Through some mysterious and happy events the Mary Poppins Bag happens to be in my possession for a few years.

For the readers who don't know the magic of the Mary Poppins Bag here's a brief explanation of how it works:

Sometimes it looks as above, but it changes its colour and shape depending on what I wear and how I feel. Everything I need can be pulled from the bag . Like a frying pan or a Fliegenklatsche to defend myself, cookies for friends, a coffee table, a pillow to whack over someones head or just a simple bouquet of flowers. Whatever it is I need, I just grab in the bag and pull it out.

I live in the Mary Poppins Bag. It's my home. Yes, you are correct, it is a fully furnitured 2 room apartment and I live a rather happy life in it.

Since we live in the age of technology, Ithought I would extend the Mary Poppins Bag to virtuality so that I can share a bit of its magic with the world.

Currently you can read about my daily life in the Blog and find some of my favourite Websites at Links. The BLog will be written in German and English, depending on my mood. If you happen to find any grammatical or orthographical mistakes, pick them up and save them in case we ever meet. Reward is negotiable.